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I describe  color names using the color-name charts published by the ISCC-NBS (Inter-Society Color Council -- National Bureau of Standards). Using their color chips, the closest match for the earlier jacket is very deep red, and deep pink for the lat er one.  The earliest jacket I've examined in very deep red is spring 1941; the earliest in deep pink is fall 1964. Another difference is that the deep pink jacket is on coated white paper (at least my copy is) and the earlier one is on uncoated paper. It wasn't unusual for Blumenthal  jackets to be printed on coated paper in the 1960s and to appear in more vivid colors. 

I think the two jackets are worth distinguishing. 


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ML Collectors, 
In adding a new binding of Strachey's Eminent Victorians , 212.1, to my collection, I noticed a distinct difference in the color of the dj.  Attached is a scan of my two dj varieties. 
The dj on the left is a bright red on my bindings 10 and 11.  The dj on the right is a burgundy red on my binding 8.  I do not have a copy of binding 9.  The Confirmed Bindings webpage reports only bindings 8 through 11 for this dj.  The website shows only the burgundy red dj with 1940-1966 dates. 
1. Does anyone have the burgundy dj after 1962? 
2. Does anyone have the bright red dj before 1963? 
3. Which red is the dj on binding 9? 
4. Is the bright red dj a consistent, dateable variety? 
5. Is this color difference worthy of a posting on the website? 
I appreciate all responses.  Thanks to Mr. Kamins for setting up the link to attach to this email. 
Bill Hornick 
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