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The original Wesleyan Press edition of 1975 came in two volumes and contains much textual data that the ML edition omits. The ML edition reproduces the Wesleyan paperback (as well as a boxed edition, minus the color plates added to it) that Wesleyan put out for classroom and non-academic use.

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The plates with 861 pages were used for?regular ML printings in the 1930s and early 1940s,? the first printing of the Giant (fall 1940) , and the first printing in the Illustrated ML (1943).? I think I've seen a spring 1941 jacket for the Giant, so it's possible there were two printings of the 861-page Giant -- or maybe there were just two printings of the jacket. 

T he 885-page typesetting was made in 1944.? The 885-page plates were used?initially for a 1944 printing in the Illustrated ML and for then for prin tings in the regular seri es.? (The Sherburn introduction was added in 1950, first in the ML College Edition and then in subsequent printings in the regular ML.) The ML stopped reprinting Giants during the war because of paper rationing; new Giants? continued to appear but they weren't reprinted until after the war.? The earliest 885-page Giant I've seen is spring 1946. 

The 1985 edition in the reissue series (Giant-sized, 982 pp., text edited by Fredson Bowers) is? printed from offset lithographic plates photographically reduced from the original edition published by Wesleyan University Press in 1975. 


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Tom Jones #185.2 with the Sherburn intro?(1950) was printed with the same plates as the Illustrated Modern Library edition (1943). They had 886 pages. 185.1 was printed with different plates early on with 861 pages. I have a 1941 copy with 861 pages. But I have a 185.1 form 1949 printed with the later plates with 886 pages. My question is was 185.1 printed with the Illustrated Modern Library edition plates from 1943 to 1949 or were the old plates still used in some of those intervening years. If anyone knows or has a copy dating from 1943 to 1948 I would like?to know what the page counts are. 
V. Civiletti 

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