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There were 4 printings of Gourmont's Night in the Luxembourg: 8,000 copies in 1926 (binding 4), 2,000 copies in 1928, and 1,000 copies each in 1930 and 1931. My guess is that your copy in binding 5 is a copy of the third printing, though it's possible it's a second printing.  At least some of the reprints lacked a list of titles at the end so they are hard to date. Also the ML didn't always bind all  copies of a given printing at the same time, so it's possible to find copies of one printing in more than one binding. The first printing was published in Dj 3 and at least two of the later printings were in D j 4. 


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Greetings all! 

It's your favorite northern California ML newbie, here (or at least one of your favorites, I hope) 

I'm still slowly going through the box of old MLs (sans dust jackets) that I picked up a few months back. I came upon a copy of de Gourmont's "A Night in the Luxembourg." 

The website says confirmed binding styles are 4 & 7. The copy I have is a binding style 5, definitely. It has: 

Spine: gold text; grape vine image at spine bottom 
Front: Kent torchbearer image stamped in gold There is no double line above the title, so not a 5a, and the torchbearer is definitely stamped in gold, so not a 5*. 

Thought you might be interested. I can scan and send a .jpg somewhere if that would be useful. 


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