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Jerry Karp jerry at rocketwords.com
Sat Oct 27 13:30:53 EDT 2012


Someone just brought to my store for trade a very nice copy, with good slip
case, of the Illustrated Modern Library edition of The Wisdom of Confucius.

The box features the illustration featured on the ML collectors' website:

The book itself is bound with the design as appears here, but WITHOUT the
cover picture (perhaps this was glued on and simply came off and was

The informational note on this volume on the website includes the following:

*"The Wisdom of Confucius* was the best-selling title in the Illustrated
Modern Library series.

The first edition was printed on a thicker paper with the copyright date
1943. The imprint on the title page is "The Modern Library." (The imprint
on the title page of subsequent printings is "The Illustrated Modern
Library," and gives the copyright date as "1938, 1943." )"

So here's my real observation: The volume I have does say "Illustrated
Modern Library" on both the spine and title page, so it is clearly *not* a
first edition. BUT, the copyright date listed is 1943, not "1938, 1943" as
the above note says it should be. So, I don't know whether or not this
represents the sort of anomaly that anybody here would care about. Either
way, there you have it.
Cheers from Mendocino County, CA
Jerry Karp

Jerry Karp
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