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Barry is quite correct in pointing out what changes have been  
sufficient to draw the attention of collectors.

Typically ModernLib has listed as separate collectable editions the  

• different intros, or the addition/subtration of one
• different body content including added chapters, change in stories  
or essays,and the like
• different pagination sequences

We have tended to ignore type settings beyond changes to pagination.

Bill's argument about pagination is the one that I think is most  
germane to this discussion.

On Mar 25, 2012, at 3:46 PM, Gordon Barrick Neavill wrote:

> Practitioners of descriptive bibliography, myself included, have  
> always distinguished typesettings.  Indeed, bibliographers define  
> editions in terms of typesettings.  A new typesetting equals a new  
> edition.  In bibliographical terms, the two typesettings of G18  
> costitute two separate editions.  There are LOTS of ML titles that  
> exist in more than one typesetting, without substantive changes such  
> as corrections, revisions, the addition of a new introduction, etc.   
> There are two typesettings of the Eleanor Marx Aveling translation  
> of Madame Bovary, for example, and the Steegmuller translation adds  
> a third.  Most collectors distinguish the Aveling and Steegmuller  
> translations.  Toledano distinguises printings of the Aveling  
> translation with and without the Peyre introduction and the  
> Steegmuller translation as 28.1, 28.2, and 28.3. 117.1-2 are Wilde's  
> De Profundis and Fitgerald's Great Gatsby; 117.3-4 are Fielding's  
> Joseph Andrews without the bibliography following Jones's  
> introduction and with the bibliography.  This system isn't perfect,  
> but it seems to work well enough for most collectors.
> Having said this, the numbering system of my forthcoming  
> bibliographical study of the ML is based on chronology and clearly  
> distinguishes editions in the bibliographical sense. The 642 titles  
> in the regular ML published between 1917 and 1985 are numbered  
> 1-642, beginning with Wilde's Dorian Gray (1917) and ending with  
> Twain's Huckleberry Finn (642).  The one "reissue"  that appeared  
> later is the 1986 printing of Lawrence's Sons and Lovers with the  
> woodcut illustration by Stephen Alcorn on the jacket and at the  
> beginning of the book -- but this is numbered 99.3c and is included  
> with other ML printings of Sons and Lovers.  Sons and Lovers was the  
> 99th title added to the ML, and it exisits in three typesettings  
> (99.1, 99.2, and 99.3).  These are further subdivided into seven  
> "families" of printings as follows: 99.1a, first printing with B&L  
> title page; 99.1b with the ML, Inc. title page; 99.2a (1933) printed  
> from a new typesetting; 99.2b Blumenthal format with title page  
> reset (around 1941); 99.3a printed from a new typesetting (1962) w.  
> 420 pp.; 99.3b, first "reissue" format; and 99.3c, second reissue  
> format with Alcorn woodcut.  There were an unknown number of  
> printings in each "family" though I suspect that 99.3c probably  
> exists in a single printing.
> Four American publishers brought out printings of Sons and Lovers  
> before it appeared in the ML -- Mitchell Kennerly, 1913; Thomas  
> Seltzer, 1923; A. & C. Boni; and Viking Press.  The ML "edition"  
> appeared in spring 1923.  There were an unknown number of printings  
> of 99.1 by the ML between 1923 and 1933, when the ML ordered a new  
> typesetting.  In bibliographical terms, the first 20 years of  
> printings by five different publishers (including the ML), all from  
> the same plates, consitute the first edition.  Collectors, of  
> course, consider the first American edition to be the first Mitchell  
> Kennerly printing and would complain if they received a copy of the  
> ML reprint in response to an order for the "first edition".
> I think the numbering system used by Toledano, Scott's website, and  
> most collectors works well, despite its failure to distinguish  
> typesettings.  My bibliography should be available within the next  
> 18 months or so, and then we can work on a "crosswalk" between the  
> two numbering systems.
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