[ModLib] Images, titles for Brodzky Frontis/Title Pages Please! CAN YOU GIVE ME A CLUE?

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Are these all in cover 1 or can it be in cover 2, too?


I had at least one and failed to record it as a “non-standard” B endpaper.
So where should I look?




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Hi folks,


John Peterson sent a me images for the frontis/title page combos from six of
the Brodzky titles shown here:




If you have other titles showing the Brodzky combo, or if you can send me
scans of the titles already listed that do not have attached images
((Atherton's Rezanov, Baudelaire's His Prose and Poetry, Goncourt's Renée
Maupérin) I'd appreciate your letting me know.




Scot Kamins


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