[ModLib] Joyce Dubliners, 1926 first edition

Gordon Barrick Neavill neavill at wayne.edu
Mon Mar 12 01:31:15 EDT 2012

In every copy I've seen of the 1926 first ML printing of Joyce's Dubliners, the first leaf of Padraic Colum's introduction (pp. v-vi) has been removed and replaced by a newly printed leaf.  The replacement leaf is tipped in (pasted) to the gutter edge of p. vii.  If you grasp the ten leaves beginning with p. vii and ending with p. 16 and pull them gently toward you at the top of the book, you should be able to see that the leaf with pp. 17-18 isn't attached to its conjunct leaf as it normally would be and that the first leaf of the introduction is tipped in.

I have no idea why the first leaf of the introduction was cut out and replaced by a newly printed leaf.  If anyone has a copy of the first printing in which the leaf with pp. v-vi *hasn't* been tipped in, I'd be interested in seeing a scan or photocopy of the two pages to compare them with my copy.

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