[ModLib] Second Shot at Dust Jacket Date Range Project?

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I can only plead temporary insanity.  Perhaps I was buried in tax returns.


I have an interest in knowing what years which jackets were in use.  It
could help in dating a book at a glance in an eBay photo, and, personally, I
find each DJ more attractive than the subsequent style.  For example, I
prefer the style g to the h and all other things being equal, would opt for
or "upgrade" to a g over an h.  Also, as a collector, the more information
available in reference material, the  better.


I am embarrassed I do not recall the call to arms.  What information were
you seeking?




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As I mentioned a few e-mails ago, the only really significant project that
we had to abandon was the Dust Jacket Date Range (DJDR) project. The essence
of that project was to determine the years that a specific dust jacket was
in use. The outcome of that project, had it been successful, would have
allowed for new collecting areas. 


For example, there are six separate DJs for Bronte's Wuthering Heights.
[http://www.modernlib.com/authors/bAuthors/bronteEJackets.html] While
getting the 1926 first edition might be very difficult, getting the earliest
use of each of the other five might be easier but still present a bigger
challenge than merely collecting the six variations regardless of date. 


I'm not sure why this project failed. Certainly lack of participation was a
major factor: The usual core group of five or six regular contributors
kicked in all they could, but we really needed more of the other 100+
subscribers to participate. This type of project requires really massive
participation to work! 


Also, we needed more resources for dating problem dust jackets. At the time
we had some dating keys [http://www.modernlib.com/General/DatingKey.html,
http://www.modernlib.com/General/B-LCatalogs.html], but there were holes not
covered by them. Some of that has been overcome, now that we have the DJ
Backs dating research.


Can others see the benefits to this project? What do you see as positive
about it? How about the drawbacks -- what needs to be overcome to make it


Thanks for playing.


Scot Kamins


"Come, my songs, let us speak of perfection. We shall get ourselves rather
disliked." -- Ezra Pound


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