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Do you know which listed titles (or lack thereof) on the DJ would indicate a first?

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I don't see anything in my copy of Toledano about a 1928 variant.
Here's a brief summary of what I record about Sons and Lovers:
1) Despite the 1922 copright date, the first ML printing (Boni and Liveright) was in April 1923. It was the ML's best-selling title that year, surpassing Green Mansions.
2) The first ML, Inc. printing was in 1926, with a new title page and typographic jacket. B&L and early ML Inc. printings had 517 pp. The third uniform typographic jacket came into use in spring 1930.
3) Viking Press, which owned the plates, reset the text in 1933 (491 pp.). To help pay for the plates Viking Press gave the ML the option of paying a higher royalty (10 cents rather 8 cents a copy) or contributing $250 toward the cost of the plates. Cerf and Klopfer opted for the one-time payment of $250. Printings from the new plates were sold in a new pictorial jacket designed by Barney Brienza.
4) When Sons and Lovers was printed in the larger format and the new Blumenthal binding around 1940, the title page was reset and a new pictorial jacket began to be used. I don't know who designed the jacket. Paul Galdone did more pictorial jackets at this period than anyone else, but it doesn't seem to be listed in the diary where Galdone recorded his jacket commissions and what he was paid for each (typically $40 for a ML jacket). Galdone's widow shared the diary with Alan Oestreich, who shared it with me.
5) Viking Press published Sons and Lovers in Compass Books, its quality paperback series, in 1958, and the ML edition was discontinued in 1959. Viking probably terminated the ML's reprint contract when the Compass paperback was published, but they gave the ML time to sell out its stock.  Early Compass printings were printed from the same plates that the ML had been using.
6) A new ML edition (420 pp.) was published in fall 1962 in a first printing of 8,000 copies with an introduction by Alfred Kazin. This was printed from offset plates photographed from a copy of Phoenix Edition of Lawrence’s works originally published in London by William Heinemann in 1956.  Later printings in Compass Books were also printed from offset plates photographed from the Heinemann edition.  The restoration of Sons and Lovers to the ML after two and a half years came at a price. The new reprint contract called for royalties of 10 percent of the retail price. In 1971, when the retail price of ML books was $2.95, the ML paid royalties of 30 cents a copy.
7) Sons and Lovers appears to have survived in the ML through the 1970s when hundreds of ML titles were discontinued. In 1978 it appeared in the "reissue" format in a kraft paper jacket with lettering in dark blue. The much-maligned jacket design was by R. D. Scudellari, the head of production and design at Random House.
8) A final and seemingly short-lived manifestation appeared in July 1986 in the second (and much better) jacket designed by R. D. Scudellari. This was also on kraft paper but featured a stunning woodcut by Stephen Alcorn, above which the title appears in relief against a horizontal brick-red panel. The retail price in 1986 was $8.95.  This may not have remained in print very long and is hard to find.
9) Random House revived the ML in 1992. I don't cover anything after 1991 in my project.  I have a copy of Sons and Lovers that's a first printing of the "1997 Modern Library Edition", but the bibliographical note has a copyright date of 1993, so there may have been an earlier post-1991 ML edition that I don't have.

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Huh. That's the same page count as the 1928 allegedly revised edition. 

Anybody see a difference between the two?

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I have a Boni and Liveright edition- it has the Macy intro and also runs 517 pages.

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Dear ML Collectors,
Can anyone tell me how the earlier editions of 109.1, Lawrence's Sons and Lovers, differ from the revised edition of 1928 as listed by Mr. Toledano in his 2000 Guide?  The ML Website has no data on this topic.
Based on dealers' listing of the first edition, it has the Macy introduction and 517 pages.  I have a 1928 edition but it may not be the revised one.  I can detect no differences without an actual copy of the earlier ones.
I thank you in advance for your attention and assistance.
Bill Hornick

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