[ModLib] Fonts/Spines Project Abandoned

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I just wanted to let you know I am sorry that I am unable to contribute any knowledge at this time.  I am still learning about the Modern Library, I am fascinated by everyone's superb knowledge on books and this subject.  If I ever can help to contribute my thoughts I will until then I would like to give some type of donation just for the time you extend to me, I have learned so much.  and for sure the passion that the contributors send is inspiring thank you for keeping it going.  Ann  

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>Subject: [ModLib] Fonts/Spines Project Abandoned
>I have decided to abandon the project tenatively titled "Quick & Dirty Guide to the Major Styles of Early DJ Fronts & Spines 1917 - 1939."   I have been unable to elicit the necessary scans to make the project meaningful.
>The data already collected will remain online at http://www.modernlib.com/Identifiers/djFrontsAndSpines/djFrontsAndSpines.html but the address will not be listed anywhere on the website. So if you find the data useful keep this address someplace or download the data yourself.
>There have been very few projects in the history of the website that have been abandoned. In fact, the only really meaningful one that I can remember was when we tried to collect information about the earliest use of each dust jacket. It failed for the same reason: People didn't contribute information. ModernLib is a crowd-sourced website -- if users don't take part in projects, the projects become incomplete or they go away.
>Sorry -- but it couldn't be helped.
>Scot Kamins
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