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Bill Hornick willthemad at aol.com
Sat Jun 23 10:14:21 EDT 2012

Dear ML Collectors, 

Based upon the responses received concerning my inquiry about the existence of Book Club Editions of pre-1975 Modern Library titles, it seems safe to conclude the following:

1. There are no pre-1975 Book Club Editions of Modern Library titles;

2. The Book of the Month Club Modern Library titles as listed in the 1939 brochure available for view on the ML website are standard ML editions.

3. The "W" on the copyright page of ML titles stands for "World Copyright Rights" and bookdealers are in error to interpret it as a symbol for a Book Club Edition;

4. Mr. Toledano's reference to "large print editions" of Nietzsche's Basic Works and Tolstoy's Anna Karenina remains unresolved and may refer to post-1975 editions based on the time period listed for the titles;

5. There are more than a dozen post-1975 Book Club Editions of ML titles, all Giants or Chronicles and need not concern classic period (1917-1975) collectors.

I thank everyone who responded and offered his experience and expertise on the topic.  Mutual support in the ML collecting community is an asset to everyone.  A special note of gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Kamins who guided me through this topic and supplied resoucres concerning it before I brought the matter to the attention of the ML community.

In sincere appreciation,
Bill Hornick
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