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Thank you for your response.  Since the only indicator you found was the same "W" that I found and since it may not indicate a book club edition, there is no need to take a photo.  I do, however, thank you for your time and interest.

Thus far it seems that the W stands for "world rights" per Mr. Neavill and that there are no specific book club editions prior to 1975.  I still wonder about Mr. Toledano's reference to large-print editions of Nietzsche and Tolstoy; usually all such editions come from book club publishers.

I will let the ML mailing list members know what else I discover.  For those who also collect post-1975 editions, I can already say that the Chronicles editions of Infinite Ascent and The Hellenistic Age do exist in book club editions published by the History Book Club.


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The volumes that I have with a "w" on the copyright page are:
39  Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography,  Which of these 380, Spring 1958.
58  The Complete Writings of Thucydides, Fall 1963 by end of text catalog.
155  Walden and Other Writings of HDT,   Which of these 371, Fall 1954.

What pic would you like me to take of these, since I have them down from the shelf?

These volumes are identical to the rest of the normal regulars on my shelf so I don't think they were a BCE.

If you compile a list, please to send one my way.  Also, Barry may be able to confirm his suspicion.


On 6/22/2012 9:40 AM, Bill Hornick wrote:

Dear ML Collectors,
Yesterday while browsing for some elusive titles for my collection, I came across more than a dozen dealer listings for "book club editions" of ML titles.  Most of the listings were associated with the Book of the Month Club.  I assume that these editions were the titles listed in the BOMC promotion as depicted in the brochure pictured on the ML website.
Several of the dealers identified these editions as having a "W" centered below the date on the copyright page.  Indeed, my copy of 119.2, Moby Dick, has this W.  I suspect that if these editions exist they will be mostly Regulars in binding #8.
The key questions are:
- Does this W actually indicate a book club edition?
- Is there any other indicator of a book club edition, especially on the copyright page?
- Do any of you have ML titles with the W or other indicator of a book club edition?
- Do any of you have any information concerning pre-1975 book club editions?
- Do any of you have a list of ML titles existing in such editions?
- Are they the titles listed on the BOMC brochure or do they post-date the brochure?
Any and all information on this topic would be greatly appreciated.  My previous request of many months ago received no response.  This might be an overlooked area of ML collecting.
If you can attach a photo to your email response, it would be extremely helpful.
Thanking all of you in advance,
Bill Hornick


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