[ModLib] Does a Dante exist with a Wilkins intro?

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Wilkins prepared a bibliography in 1950 for the ML College Edition of the Divine Comedy, which was added to  regular ML printings the following year.  Grandgent's introduction continued to be used in all ML printings I'm aware of.  Wilkins never wrote an introduction. 

The ML used the Carlyle-Okey-Wicksteed translation, which was originally published in  Dent's Tem ple Classics a round 1900.  However, the ML mistakenly called it the Carlyle-Wicksteed translation, dropping Oley's name (he translated P ur gatorio). The Illustrated ML edition also omitted Okey's name.  A Random House memo dated September 1950 asked that Okey's name be added to the title page, but the correction was made in the MLCE title-page only. It wasn't until the mid-1960s that Okey was finally credited on the regular ML title page -- five or six years before the regular ML edition was discontinued. 


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The BookNotes for Dante's Divine Comedy indicate an early 1960's edition with an intro by Wilkins. Does this exist?   

There seems to be an earlier edition -- copyright 1950 -- with a bibliography  by Wilkins but the same intro as the first by Grandgent. 


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