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My price i nformation for regular ML' s is as follows, with S and F indicating spring and fall.  Corrections welcomed! 

1917(S)                      $0.60 

1918(F)                      $0.70 

1920(F)                      $0.95 

1946(F)                     $ 1.10   e ffective November 1946 

1947(S)                     $1.25  effective 15 April 1947 

1954(F)                      $1.45 

1957(S)                     $1.65 

1960(F)                     $1.95 

1963(F)                      $1.95 & $2.45  (varies by title) 

1969(S)                      $2.45 

1969(F)                      $2.95 (Caldwell, Tobacco Road) 

1970(S)                     $2.95 

It's sometimes hard to tell from the jackets since prices printed on the jacket flaps were usually clipped when a price increase went into effect. Note how long the 95 cent price lasted in contrast to the $1.10 price. 


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Got this today.  What do people think? Were there many price sticker changes? Do folks have examples they can send? 

- Scot 


I'm a book dealer. I get alot of ML books, but not alot of them have price change stickers. I recently acquired an ML book with a price change sticker on the DJ flap. I scanned the flap and attached the scan to this e-mail. You can post the image on your website if you want. I think you should devote a section of your website to display and discussion of price change stickers. They're important identifiers, because they carry an exact date. The one I have says "as of April 15, 1947" the price of ML is $1.25. On page 163 of Toledano (revised edition), the year 1948 is assigned to the $1.25 price change. Apparently, he's off by a year. If I'm wrong let me know at   lophke at aol.com .  
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