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I have 3 copies of Peter Ibbetson. The 1932 first printing is on hard-surfaced  paper with a text block that's about 1-1/16" thick. I have a fall 1941 printing (Blumenthal binding) on thicker paper with a text block that's about 1-1/4" thick. And a spring 1946 printing on much thicker paper with a text block that's about 1-1/2" inches thick.  All of these have gatherings (folded printed sheets) of 8 leaves (16 pp.) each, at a time when most ML books had gatherings of 16 leaves (32 pp.).  T his was probably to make it easier to cope with   
the thick paper.  I've seen (but don't have) a spring 1948 printing which has  4 more leaves (8 pp.) than earlier printings -- 2 of the pages are devoted to a list of Giants, and the last 6 pages are blank.  Since this copy is bound in gatherings of 16 leaves (32 pages), my guess is that it's on thinner paper than the other printings -- and is probably, despite the additional pages, the thinnest of the four. 


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I wasn't so much thinking of paper stock as the thickness of the books. placed side by side, it's obvious that they are different. One might think that the thin one is abridged. 

Quite so. I should have been more clear. The kind of paper used makes for thinner or thicker paper and thus thinner or thicker books. I think we're talking about the same thing here. I think you said the page count was the same; I inferred that the pagination hadn't changed and the layout was the same -- that is, page 153 for example in both books begins and ends with the same words. Thus the only difference was the kind of paper used. 

I could be wrong. I often am. 

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