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On 6/9/2012 3:30 PM, JOHN PETERSON wrote:
> Barry,
> While my copy of Fineman has the variant binding you describe, my FMLE 
> of Odets does not.  I don't have firsts of the other two titles.
> John Peterson
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>> In revising my entries for 1939 ML titles I discovered a variant form 
>> of the style 8 binding designed by Joseph Blumenthal and first used 
>> in fall 1939. Four titles were added to the ML fall 1939: Six Plays 
>> of Clifford Odets (67) and Steinbeck, In Dubious Battle (115) in 
>> September, and Fielding, Joseph Andrews (117) and Fineman, Hear Ye 
>> Sons (130) in October. These were the first four titles published in 
>> the Blumenthal binding. First printings of all four have plain cream 
>> endpapers since Rockwell Kent needed time to revise his endpapers for 
>> the larger format.
>> To my surprise, I discovered that the October titles, Joseph Andrews 
>> and Hear, Ye Sons are bound in a variant of the Blumenthal binding 
>> that I've seen nowhere else: there's no torchbearer on the front 
>> panel, and the outer rule frame at the bottom is only half an inch 
>> from the dark title panel instead of 5/8 inches (the extra eighth of 
>> an inch was needed to accommodate the torchbear within the outer 
>> frame at the lower right).
>> My first printings of the September 1939 titles (Odets and Steinbeck) 
>> have the torchbearer on the front panel. It's possible that my copies 
>> of these first printings were bound later after the torchbearer on 
>> the front panel was introduced, or it's possible that Blumenthal had 
>> second thoughts about the front panel and tried a slightly different 
>> design for the October titles that was later abandoned. The front 
>> panel without the torchbearer has a more classical feel; the front 
>> panel with the torchbearer is more cluttered but is probably more 
>> effective in a merchandizing sense in that it instantly identifies 
>> the volume as a Modern Library book.
>> If anyone has copies of first printings of Odets or Steinbeck's In 
>> Dubious Battle in bindings without the torchbearer on the front panel 
>> of the binding, please let me know!
>> Barry
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> I have two copies of this Peter Ibbetson.

The first is binding 8 and back is h, except it says 95 cents. Inverse 
no. is 309.

The second is binding 8, back is h, but no price stated. inverse no. is 360.

What interests me is that the first one is 0ne and three/fourths inches 

The second is one and one/eighth inches think.

They both have the same number of pages. both DJs fit the thick one. I 
suspect that the pages in the thick ones are made of thicker paper than 
the thin one. I have't seen this on other books. Does it count as a variant.

I've noticed that most MLs and either prited, bound, or manufactured by 
H. Wolff. What part did H. Wolff play in placing price change stickers, 
or size of paper, or crossing out prices?   I know it was a company that 
manufactured books for a number of publishers, but can't find any other 


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