[ModLib] DJDR Project: "U, " "V, " "W, " "Y, " "Z" Authors All Up!!!

Bill Hornick willthemad at aol.com
Sun Jul 29 20:11:16 EDT 2012


Twelve enhancements for U, V, W, Y, Z as follow:

Virgil           75.2    ...Works          2nd dj     1963    spine 10

Voltaire       47.2    Candide           6th dj      1941    274 titles

Webb        219.1    ...Bane            only dj     1957   379 titles

Welty        290.1    Selected S...   1st dj       1963   spine 8 but blank

Whitman     97.2    Leaves...          3rd dj      1948   334 titles

Wilde           1.2    Gray/Profundis  2nd dj     1942   278 titles

Wilde          84.2   Poems...Fairy.. 1st dj      1932   dated first edition

Wilder        155.1  Cabala              5th dj      1929   159 titles (Now you have a date
                                                                                           but mine has red bands.)

Wodehouse 126.5 Selected S...    only dj      1960   388 titles

Woolf          217.1 ...Lighthouse    only dj      1948   329 titles

Young         G9.1   Medici            only dj      1948   334 titles

Zola            142.1  Nana              6th dj        1963   spine 10, unnumbered list

...And that leaves only Shakespeare and a few more days of cleaning up from the storms.

Bill Hornick

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I got bored so I just did them all. Except Shakespeare.

Includes Da Vinci.

I have rumors of a 1940 (Blumenthal, 7.25" tall) non-pictorial Zola's Nana.  If you have it, please let me know.

Scot Kamins
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