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Bill Hornick willthemad at aol.com
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Eight enhancements for S through Spinoza sans Shakespeare as follow:

Salinger        301.1   Nine Stories               2nd dj   1962    415 titles

Santayana    224.2   Philosophy                only dj   1949    341 titles

Schopenhauer 52.2  Philosophy                 1st dj   1932    200 titles (dj in green bands)

Schreiner      132.1   ...African Farm           2nd dj   1930    169 titles (dark blue bands & light blue)

Schulberg     281.1   ...Sammy Run           only dj   1966    spine 11, dj back cover style l

Scott           G12.1   Three Novels              2nd dj   1940    271 titles

B. Shaw       294.1   Three Plays               only dj   1967   spine 13, dj back cover style l

Sophocles I  312.1   Oedipus...                  1st dj    1967   spine 13, dj back cover style l

This is a welcomed break from cleaning up the storm damage.

Bill Hornick

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... except Shakespeare. (I just didn't have the heart to tackle it today.)

Scot Kamins
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