[ModLib] Bellamy 22.4 anomaly

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My two copies of 22.4 have the attributes you note for the book.  The
jackets refer to 358 (style h, $1.25) and 393 titles (style i, pc).  The
later dj front flap refers to the Broun intro which was replaced by Shurter.
The older dj flap makes no reference to any intro.  I just noticed a small
printing difference, almost minutia, but I will mention in case it can help
with dating.  Both dj's are the dj on the right except the older dj has "A
Modern Library Book" at the bottom in white and the later dj has it in




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Fellow Collectors,


I recently purchased the newly catalogued Bellamy 22.4 Looking Backward with
the Shurter introduction.  While the dj front cover is definitely the second
dj with 370 titles, style i back dj cover and $1.45 price dating the book to
1953, the front inside flap says, "Introduction by Heywood Broun."


Is this a persistent error or was it corrected at some time?  If you have
22.4, please check the date of the dj for the correction if it was made.


In addition, 22.4 lacks the author's bio note but keeps his preface.  Also,
Shurter's introduction is followed by a two-page bibliography making an
additional difference.


Are your copies the same?


Thank you for taking the time to check these points.


Bill Hornick

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