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I have the first ML edition (1942) with the Heywood Broun introduction  and  fall 1951 (358 titles)  and fall 1952 (362 titles) copies with the Shurter introduction. Your 1953 jacket flap with the reference to Heywood Broun must be the version reset in sans serif type. All of my jacket flaps are in serifed type and make no reference to the introduction at all. Somebody obviously goofed when they reset the type for the jacket flap -- they must have had an older copy in hand with the Broun introduction. 

I'd love to see a scan or photocopy of the 1953 jacket flap -- I try to quote jacket flaps in my bibliographical project on the ML and I don't have a copy with the reference to the Broun introudction. Another difference between earlier printings and 1951 and later printings is that the decorative ornaments in the chaper heads were omitted after 1950 .  It's also interesting to note that the Heywood Broun introduction wasn't written for the ML edition.  I'm not sure when it began to be included in Houghton Mifflin printings. Houghton Mifflin dropped it when they reset Looking Backward in 1941. The ML used the 1941 plates for its printings, but restored the Broun introduction. 


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Fellow Collectors, 
I recently purchased the newly catalogued Bellamy 22.4 Looking Backward with the Shurter introduction.  While the dj front cover is definitely the second dj with 370 titles, style i back dj cover and $1.45 price dating the book to 1953, the front inside flap says, "Introduction by Heywood Broun." 
Is this a persistent error or was it corrected at some time?  If you have 22.4, please check the date of the dj for the correction if it was made. 
In addition, 22.4 lacks the author's bio note but keeps his preface.  Also, Shurter's introduction is followed by a two-page bibliography making an additional difference. 
Are your copies the same? 
Thank you for taking the time to check these points. 
Bill Hornick 
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