[ModLib] Potentially interesting copy of The Decameron

Jerry Karp jerry at rocketwords.com
Tue Jul 24 00:49:58 EDT 2012

I am still going through the stack of old MLs I told you about in my
last posting. One I looked at today is a copy of The Decameron (again,
sadly, no dust jacket). The binding is definitely Style 6 (November
1930 - May 1931). According to the Dating Key, this copy is from
Spring 1931 (the titles list in back includes The Sun Also Rises and
does not include Balzac's Droll Stories. Now, the dust jacket image
page for this work
states that the ML Decameron was first included in 1931. However, here
I have a Spring 1931 Decameron that does not have a Modern Library
First Edition designation.

So that would mean either that I have a first edition Decameron which
is not so designated or that there were ML editions of this book prior
to Spring 1931 (which would mean Fall 1930, right?). Or else I am
missing something obvious due to my very limited overall knowledge
about Modern Library publishing practices, especially early on. That's
quite possible, too.

Any thoughts?


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