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Mon Jul 23 09:06:09 EDT 2012

While responding to the never ending list of questions Scott has been
plaguing me with, I noted the following:

I have four volumes with a stated 1st ML edition on the copyright page, but
only one has the requisite 1st number of dj's referred to on the inverse,
304.  The other three have 306, 316, and 316, all within eighteen months of
the 1st edition.  Now, I noted the three with the non-first dj's have
additional verbiage on the copyright page, a seven line blurb that begins
with "The Modern Library edition of A Short History of the United States was
..".  The seven line blurb does not appear in my first with the correct
inverse dj number of 304.

I submit, the FMLE plug was left in for some period and printings after the
first included the seven line blurb.  Consequently, the true first will lack
the seven line blurb.

Do I have this straight?  If this is old news, please disregard, delete, and
forget my name being associated with this issue.



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