[ModLib] DJDR PROJECT: Physical/Social Science Anthologies Up

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Six enhancements for Physical/Social Sciences as follow:

Federalist            139.4     1st dj    1948  (329 titles)

Federalist            139.4     2nd dj   1962  (415 titles)

Sex Problem...     198.1    2nd dj    1949 (344 titles)

...Psychoanalysis  66.1    2nd dj     1948 (334 titles)

Making of Society 183.3   3rd dj      1967(-1970+?) (spine 13, no fujita logo, has ISBN, $2.95 price)

Making of Man      149.2   2nd dj     1961  (393 titles)

The penultimate item above is one of several anomalies this project has identified.

Bill Hornick

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By the way, the majority of the preliminary date ranges that you see when you first go to a newly posted DJDR page come from the collections and/or research of John Wolansky and Barry Neavill.  Kudos to these guys for giving us the basis for the work here.

Also lest you think I'm ungrateful, rather than clogging the listserv I've been sending private thanks to all the folks who have been sending in data. These folks have been sacrificing lots of time to make this very important project a success!

Keep it up -- we're over half-way done!!! 

Scot Kamins
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