[ModLib] DJDR Project: Short Story Anthologies Are Up

Bill Hornick willthemad at aol.com
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Eleven enhancements as follow:

14...Detective...           144.1   3rd dj    1942     (281 titles)

Arabian Nights...          201.1  1st dj     1939    (265 titles)

Arabian Nights...          201.1  2nd dj    1962    (408 titles)

Arabian Nights...          201.1  2nd dj    1966    (spine 11, dj back style l)

Arabian Nights...          201.1  2nd dj    1970(+?) (has ISBN, spine 13)

Famous Ghost...           73.2  2nd dj     1967    (spine 12, Fujita logo on dj spine but $1.95)

Best Russian...             18.2  4th dj      1941    (271 titles)

Great Spanish...          129.3  only dj     1967   (spine 13)

Anthology...American.. G77   only dj      1966  (spine G6, $3.95 price)

...Supernatural             G72   1st dj       1962  (includes G85 but Gd back cover; "complete list"
                                                            but no price anywhere)

Great Modern SS        168.2  4th dj       1962  (408 titles)

Proportionately, that's a lot of enhancements for the number of titles.

Bill Hornick

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