[ModLib] DJDR Project: Poetry is up [I'm amazed to say] !!!

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Yes, the Aiken titles were difficult to find because dealers listed them variously by dust jacket title,
spine title or title page title.  Anyway...

I have five enhancements as follow:

Comprehensive Anthology...   101.3     1st dj    1948   (329 titles)

Modern American Poets         127.1     2nd dj   1936   (242 titles)

New Anthology...Modern...     G46.2     2nd dj   1967?  (spine G7 but dj back is Gh of 1966 but $3.95)

Golden Treasury                    232.1      only dj  1960   (388 titles)

Golden Treasury                    232.1      only dj   1963  (list, spine 10)

We should all have such fine neighbors.

Bill Hornick

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Be exceedingly careful with the Aiken titles, folks -- they are really tricky puppies!

And a neighbor has just invited me over for a glass of Maker's Mark. Your managing editor being no fool, I shall post no more this day!

Cheers, all.

Scot Kamins
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