[ModLib] DJDR Project: Three More "Misc" & "Anthology" pages Up

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Just afew enhancements as follow:


Wisdom of Israel                G79   only dj    1956    (370+ titles, dj back style Ge)

Wisdom of China & India    G59   only dj     1956   (370+ titles, dj back style Ge)

Novel Anthologies

Medieval Romances          133.2   2nd dj     1958  (380 titles)

Medieval Roamnces          133.2   2nd dj     1967  (spine 13, dj back style l)

Philosophy Anthologies

English Phil...Bacon-Mill   G47     only dj     1939  (268 titles)

This is easy when titles have only one dust jacket.

Bill Hornick

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Mytho-Religious: http://www.modernlib.com/authors/misc/mytho-religious/mythoreligiousJackets.html
Novel Anthologies: http://www.modernlib.com/authors/misc/novels/novelAnthoJackets.html
Philosophy Anthologies: http://www.modernlib.com/authors/misc/philosophy/philosAntholJackets.html

cot Kamins
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