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Lots to add, including a question and a dj variation, as follow:

Mailer     321.1   Naked and Dead        
              Is there a date error?  The first edition, unmarked, is 1963 with 403 titles.
              403 titles did not exist until 1963, the first year for this title.  Am I mistaken?

Malraux   33.2    Man's Fate       3rd dj     1945     (304 titles)

Marx       202.1  Capital & ....     5th dj     1967     (spine 13, dj back cover style l in blue)

Maugham  27.2  Moon & Six...   2nd dj     1960    (388 titles)

Melville     Images of Moby Dick Giants not identified as such with a heading as Giants elsewhere

Merejkowski 138.1 ...Da Vinci    8th dj      1963   (spine 10, with dj list)

Moliere      78.1  Plays (6)         3rd dj       1939   (265 titles) Also my dj has red-brown bands with
                                                                        light blue background; just a color variation?

Montaigne G11.1 Essays          2nd dj       1940  (271 titles)

Morley      190.1  Parnassus     1st dj        1936  (242 titles)

Myers       G30.1 History of...    2nd dj       1966  (G6 spine)

By the way, I did not receive email notice that the first half of the Ms was finshed; since no one responded, maybe no one did.  There are many responses to the entire M list so far today.  Maybe the webmeister needs a break; he's certainly earned it!

Bill Hornick

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Happy Friday, All -- 

I put half of these up yesterday but nobody sent any reports. Now ALL the M authors are up.

On to the many MISC titles now. This will take a few days. As I finish work for each day, I'll announce what's up. 

Thanks for playing.

Scot Kamins
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