[ModLib] DJDR Project: "M" authors are all up

Chad Bernu skinnygypsy at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 20 17:10:59 EDT 2012

Sorry I got behind. Here they are:
2nd Lamb Fall 1941
2nd Women in Love Spring 1958
1st Macy 1919
Two Novels Spring 1967
Magic Mountain Fall 1936
3rd Of Human Bondage Fall 1963
1st Best (Short) Stories Fall 1937
1st Casuals of the Sea Spring 1936
J.S. Mill Fall 1967
2nd Myers Spring 1962

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Happy Friday, All -- 
I put half of these up yesterday but nobody sent any reports. Now ALL the M authors are up.

On to the many MISC titles now. This will take a few days. As I finish work for each day, I'll announce what's up. 

Thanks for playing.

Scot Kamins
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