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Five titles, six enhancements as follow:

Lardner      211.1      ...Short Stories...      2nd dj     1953    (365 titles)

Lawrence   333.1      Sons and Lovers       6th dj      1963    (list, spine 10)

                                                              and         1969    (spine 14, no Fujita logo)

Lawrence    68.3       Women in Love        2nd dj      1960    (388 titles)

Lawrence   128.1      Rainbow                  3rd dj       1963    (list, spine 10)

Van Loon   105.1      Ancient Man            5th dj       1942    (284 titles)

Might you divide both the Ms and the Misc in half to make them a bit more manageable?

Bill Hornick

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Van Loon is in there too. 

I never know what to do with the Vans and the Des, so I  make an arbitrary decision and usually go by the end of the name ---  van LOON, de MAUPASSANT. 

 I admit to inconsistency: Du Maurier for example is with the the Ds. As I've often said, I'm like Maynard G. Krebs — I'm not bad, just weak.

Scot Kamins
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