[ModLib] DJDR Project: Is and Js up,

Bill Hornick willthemad at aol.com
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Only nine enhancements tonight, as follow:

Ibsen       6.2     ...+ Borkman         5th dj     1938  (257 titles)

Ibsen    305.1     Six Plays             1st dj      1959  (388 titles)

Ibsen    G18.1    Eleven...Plays...    1st dj      1934  (236 titles)

Ibsen    G18.2    Ibsen's Plays         2nd dj     1955  (370+ titles)

H. James  169.1 Turn of Screw        2nd dj     1944  (303 titles)

H. James  244.1 Wings of Dove       only dj     1966 (dj back style l)

H. James  G11.3  Short Stories       only dj     1948 (334 titles)

Joyce       145.1  Portrait of Artist... 2nd dj      1938 (257 titles)

Joyce       G52.2  Ulysses               1st dj      1966 (dj back style Gh)

Ten down, fourteen to go (no Q or X), but M (even without MISC) and S are huge.

Bill Hornick

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Easy day, kids -- just two letters.

Of course, the Ibsens are tricky ... 

Scot Kamins
No "being." Just process.

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