[ModLib] Anybody have this DJ?

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Were there two verions of this jacket, one with lettering in dark blue and the other with lettering in dark red, both within a frame of dark blue crown ornaments? The jacket on the website (and the image below) appears to have lettering in dark blue, but when you click on the website version for a better image the lettering is in dark red. 

My spring 1943 jacket has lettering, torchbearer and crown ornaments after each of the 3 titles in dark red, all  within the frame of crown ornaments in dark blue. The jacket was designed by Paul Galdone in October 1938, but I doubt very much if it was used before the introduction of the larger ML format in fall 1939. 


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I have a copy that states 291 titles on the inside of the jacket.  According to the Toledano Guide, that number places it in 1943, perhaps 1942. 


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Hmmm. Let me try that again ... 




On Jul 9, 2012, at 3:24 PM, Scot Kamins wrote: 


It's possible that this Alice DJ was in use ONLY during the first half of 1940 making it quite scarce. WHo has it, and what date do you have? 


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