[ModLib] DJDR Project: H Authors Are Up!

Bill Hornick willthemad at aol.com
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Sixteen enhancements as follow:

Hackett      265.1   Henry the Eighth          only dj   1963  (spine 10)

Hardy           72.3  Tess of D"Ubervilles      2nd dj    1963  (spine 10)

Harte          250.1  Best Short Stories        only dj    1963 (spine 10)

Hellman      223.2  Six Plays                     2nd dj    1966  (dj back style l)

Hemingway  G59   Short Stories                only dj    1953 (367 titles)

Herodotus   255.1  Persian Wars               only dj    1963 (+?) (spine 11)

Homer        166.2  Iliad                             3rd dj      1957 (379 titles)

Homer        166.3  Iliad                             4th dj      1967 (+?) (spine 13)

Horace       141.2  Complete Works           2nd dj     1958 (383 titles)

Hudson        89.1  Green Mansions           7th dj       1946 (309 titles)

Hudson        24.2  Purple Land                  3rd dj       1947 (322 titles)

Hugo           G3.1  Les Miserables             2nd dj       1967 (spine G7)

Hugo           35.3  Hunchback...                only dj       1962 (408 titles)

Hume         340.1 Philosophy                   only dj        1967 (+?) (spine 13)

Huxley       180.1  Point Counter Point       2nd dj        1956 (374 titles)

Huxley         48.3 Brave New World           only dj        1960 (388 titles)

That took some work!  (My computer is not in my library.)  The task was enjoyable, however, since I have not looked at some of these dust jackets since I purchased the books several years ago.  I tend not to revisit titles that I have already read, even though it was fifty years ago.  I remember buying Hemingway's Short Stories at a used book store in 1962 for fifty cents and selling it back for ten cents.  The same was true for a first edition of Catcher in the Rye.  Sigh.  That $3.30  for 33 ML titles fed my family for two days.  I promised myself to get back to collecting Modern Library but it took 47 years.


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38 titles for you to look at.

Thanks in advance!

Scot Kamins
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