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G whiz!  Many things to add, perhaps including a new dj.  Here is what I found in my collection:

Gibbon   6.1  Decline & Fall...  3rd dj  1940  (271 titles)

Gibbon   7.1  Decline & Fall...  4th dj  1942  (278 titles)

Gibbon   6.2  Decline & Fall...  5th dj  1956  (376 titles)

Gibbon   7.2  Decline & Fall...  6th dj  1956  (374 titles)

Gibbon   8.2  Decline & Fall...  7th dj  1956  (376 titles)

Gide   327.1  Counterfeiters/Journal   3rd dj  1967 (spine 12)

Gilbert & Sullivan  G25.1  Complete Plays...  2nd dj  1963 (-67?) (spine G6)

Gissing  46.1  Private Papers... Discovery?  Same as 3rd dj but green bands and stripes with 
 off-white  background instead of red-brown as pictured; I will USPS you a photocopy  1939 (265 titles)
 Same green as in Gissing's New Grub Street.

Glasgow  25.3  Barren Ground   2nd dj  1940  (271 titles)  (How do we know if it's 1940 0r 1941 if
 both years had the same number of titles?

Gogol  40.2  Dead Souls  2nd dj  1959  (385 titles)

Grimm & Andersen (by the way, it's -EN, not -ON as listed on the website)  G76.1  Tales...
  only dj 1967 (+?)  (spine G7)

Gunther  286.1  Death Be Not Proud  2nd dj  1971 (+?) (Spine 14; dj has ISBN.

I truly hope that there are no errors this time.  It's too late to search through the Dating Key of titles to verify Glasgow's 271 titles.

Bill Hornick

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Hi Folks,

Here are the G authors. I have some descriptions of dust jackets not in the database -- especially Toledano Style B (1932 - 1939 or so). 

Thanks much!
Scot Kamins
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