[ModLib] ML, Inc. printing of Strindber's Miss Julie and Other Plays?

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My copy of ML in type 1 binding sans jacket shows ML page with lists of publications in ml  at that time from wilde to yeats with  Strindberg listed and with the ML  listed  at the top of the traditional listing that occurs in type 1 with marbled  endpapers. Also type 2 with Brodsky endpapers, sand jacket wtih Modern Library title page with married and miss julie not stamped but printed page. will send photos if desired.scott 

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Strindberg's Miss Julie and Other Plays (ML 52) was listed in ML, Inc. catalogs through spring 1928, but I have never seen a ML, Inc. printing of this title.  I've seen copies of the final Boni and Liveright printing in a ML, Inc. jacket and binding, and I've seen these with "THE MODERN LIBRARY, Inc" rubber stamped on the B&L title page. When Cerf and Klopfer bought the ML from Liveright in 1925 they apparently acquired a number of of copies of Miss Julie and Other Plays in sheets which they sold in their own binding and jacket -- but I've never seen a copy with a printed Modern Library, Inc. title page. My assumption is that they discontinued this title when the stock inherited from B&L ran out.  "Miss Julie" was added to ML, Inc. printings of Strindberg's Married in 1929. 


Has anyone seen Miss Julie and Other Plays with a ML, Inc. title page? 




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