[ModLib] DJDR Project: "F" titles are up

Bill Hornick willthemad at aol.com
Sat Jul 14 22:17:12 EDT 2012


I have the following verifications and enhancements for the Fs:

Faulkner   187.3   Sound & Fury         2nd dj  1966 verified by inclusion of G95 on bound list

Flaubert     28.3   Madame Bovary      3rd dj   1967 in binding 13

Forster     218.1  Passage to India      1st dj   1944 (299 titles)

France       22.2  Crime of S Bonnard  2nd dj  1939 (268 titles)

Frank       298.1  Diary of Young Girl   Only dj 1967 (binding 13)

Franklin     39.4  Autobiography          3rd dj    1966 (dj back cover style l)

Freud        96.3  Interpretation of Dreams  2nd dj 1969-70 (binding style 14, stylized logo on spine)

This should keep you busy.  Busy hands are happy hands. (Chinese proverb)

Bill Hornick

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Swing away, kids!  :-)

Scot Kamins
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