[ModLib] Emerson Weirdness -- 91.3 Doing In The Middle Of The 91.4 Period

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Emerson's Complete Essays and Other Writings was published in the ML in October 1940. The McDowell foreword was added in 1950. The last printing under the original title appears to have been spring 1959. The first printing under the title Selected Writings was in spring 1960. Jason Epstein recommended the title change in a memo to Cerf dated 12 January 1960. 


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Emerson once said "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."  ML cannot be accused of that. 

This was reported to me by an intrepid ModernLib contributer: a copy of  91.3,  Complete Essays and Other Writings  with the McDowell foreword which allegedly was in existence under that title for just one season in 1950, dating to 1959 in the middle of the 91.4 period. Go here to see the details, including supporting images: 


So what;s up with this??? 

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