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If I have a dust jacket that is the same as one pictured with a single date but is of an earlier or later date, should I report it?


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Ideally I'd like to take anything through the letter I'm working on. So if you anything in the "A"s or "B"s, that would be great. So few people are helping that there's no danger of my being overwhelmed.

I have databases/spreadsheets from Wolansky (complete)  and Neavill (so far A through D)  that I'm using as baselines -- their databases are helpful because they have dates plus descriptions of the DJs. Additionally they are known expert collectors so that their dating is quite reliable.  If other people have databases like these -- dates + DJ descriptions -- that would be tremendously helpful.

Turns out I'm about to do the Browning, by the way -- how timely!!!   :-)

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What exactly is the procedure for submitting DJ dates? Are you going to enter dates and then we modify them as needed? I have a Browning date that may come in useful. I just don't want to submit it randomly and have you sifting through a bunch of median data.

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