[ModLib] DJDR Project:Working on the "B"s Today

Chad Bernu skinnygypsy at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 8 15:55:55 EDT 2012

What exactly is the procedure for submitting DJ dates? Are you going to enter dates and then we modify them as needed? I have a Browning date that may come in useful. I just don't want to submit it randomly and have you sifting through a bunch of median data.

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Subject: [ModLib] DJDR Project:Working on the "B"s Today


Finished with the "A"s (except Aeschulus) for the moment, now onto the "B"s. Done through Boccaccio as of 12 Noon PDT, plan to do the rest of the "B"s by 5 PM PDT.

I  really need more input, people, especially when you see a "?" next to a date. (See .sig, below.)

If you don't know how to date your dust jackets, send me a direct email (kamins at ModernLib.com) and I'll help.

Hmmm -- now that I think of it, don't I have a FAQ about dating DJs? If I don't, I really should create one...

Scot Kamins
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