[ModLib] Who wrote the intro for 1st of Looking Backwards?

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I have a 1942 first of Looking Backward and Heywood Broun did write the introduction. The first issue dust jacket also states "Introduction By Heywood Broun" on the front panel.

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Ran across what is likely an error in my BookNotes for Bellamy's Looking Backwards (022.3), plus a potential new Toledano number entry (22.4).

BookNotes says the intro was written by Broun. (Evidently I copied that from The Guide) I don't have a 1st (1942) of that title in my collection.

I have a later printing (Fall 1951)  with the intro written by Robert L. Shurter. Barry Neavill's  INTRODUCTIONS TO MODERN LIBRARY BOOKS, 1917-1985
(http://www.modernlib.com/General/introIndex.html) shows an intro for this title written by Shurter in 1951.

SO if the 1942 edition has no introduction or has one by Broun, then that edition gets the original 22.3; 22.4 goes to the 1951 edition with intro by Shurter.

PLEASE look at your Bellamy -- who has a printing earlier than 1951 (inverse number 348 or lower "Which of these XXX outstanding books ... ")? Is there an intro? Who wrote it? Also who has a first (inverse number 281)  -- Intro?


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