[ModLib] DJDR Project: Still need reports on the Wine-colored Winesburg

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The earliest I've seen is 1941, which may be the first printing of Winesburg, Ohio in the larger Blumenthal format. My copy is 291 (spring 1943). The earliest printing I've seen in the pictorial jacket is fall 1945 (not 1953 as in the jacket list I sent you the other day). 


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Still trying to track down dates of the 104.1 Winesburg, Ohio (Sherwood Anderson) with the wine-colored text only DJ. I think my date of 1955 is a typo or a bad report. Does ANYBODY have this DJ in ANY date?   

Very easy to date this one -- the number at the top of the DJ inverse ( How many of these XXX outstanding books ... )  I expect to be in the range 265 to 309 (indicating the years 1939 to 1946) .  The number 372 or 374 would indicate 1955. 

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