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Scot Kamins kamins at modernlib.com
Wed Jul 4 15:06:13 EDT 2012


In light of the DJ Date Range project, here are the conventions I'm  
currently using for dates as they appear above DJ images on author  
pages. Some you know about; some are new

A single date without any other qualifying text above a dust jacket  
(for example 1937) refers to the earliest reported copy—it doesn't  
mean that the jacket image shown is a first printing dust jacket.

A date range above a dust jacket refers to the starting and ending  
years that the evidence suggests the DJ was in use.  If you have a  
dust jacket in that style that falls outside the listed range, please  
report it!

NOTE: A date followed by a question mark represents my best guess and  
definitely should not be relied upon as fact!!! Please send  

Scot Kamins
When the weasel pays a New Year's visit to the chickens, nothing good  
can come of it. -- Chinese adage

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