[ModLib] Dust Jacket Date Range Project Begins Again (maybe)

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My Winesburg, Ohio is binding #10, dj back i, with an unnumbered list of titles inside the dj;
it is the standard "Which of these outstanding..."  Since the price is $1.95, the book could range from 1960-1965.  The binding, however, dates it to 1963 which is beyond the currently listed dates for the last entered dj.

Bill Hornick

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Thanks to generous data contributions from Barry Neavill and John Wolansky, I've started the Dust Jacket Date Range project on a test basis.

The first test page is Sherwood Anderson http://www.modernlib.com/authors/aAuthors/andersonJackets.html with two titles and a total of nine DJs.

As before, a single date without any other qualifying text above a dust jacket (for example 1923) refers to the printing date of the specific physical dust jacket that was scanned for the image. It doesn't imply that the jacket image shown is a first printing dust jacket, nor that it isn't. First printing DJs are sometimes noted.
Here's the new part: A date range above a dust jacket (for example 1926 - 1929) refers to the starting and ending years it is believed that DJ was in use: The first date is the earliest reported use, the second date is the latest reported use.   A question mark in a date range represents an intelligent though uncertain extrapolation that begs for confirmation.
Here's your part: 
If you have a dust jacket in that style that falls outside the listed range, please report it!
REMINDER FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME:  ModernLib is a crowd-sourced website. Very little of the information came exclusively from my personal collection. If you don't look at your books and report what you have, that information never gets correlated and posted. 

Scot Kamins
This too will pass.

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