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All four Hardy jackets are by Galdone, though Jude is the only one that he signed. I've seen balloon cloth printings with Galdone jackets for three Hardy titles but not Return of the Native.  If anyone has it on a balloon cloth printing of Return of the Native with the Galdone dj please let me know!  


Galdone designed the jackets between Oct. 1937 and Oct. 1938, and they were later adapted for the larger Blumenthal format.  A few puzzles: The inset pictorial image on later (larger format) printings of The Mayor of Casterbridge is different (and cruder) than the image used on the balloon cloth printing(s).  I'm not even certain the later image is by Galdone. Did someone break the original plate?  I have no idea. 


The inset image on printings of Return of the Native in the Blumenthal format is the same as that used on the Tess of the D'Urbervilles jacket.  Did the ML decide to make do with three images and save the $40 or so that Galdone earned for a jacket design?  Did someone break the original plate?  Do both balloon cloth jackets use the same image?  


Most of Galdone's images are printed in black and white.  The balloon cloth printing of Jude is in black and brownish orange.  My image in my copy of Mayor of Casterbride in the Blumenthal format (fall 1947) is printed in black and white and greenish blue; the later example on the ML Collecting website is black and white. My fall 1947 printing of Mayor of Casterbridge has a gray background, like the balloon cloth; the background of the 1958 printing on the website has changed to light brown.  



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It's Paul Galdone.    

Great!  That suggests that all the Hardy DJs with that style are all   by Paul Galdone. 


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