[ModLib] DJ Illustrators -- To BookNote Or Not To Booknote?

mlnewton at bardstowncable.net mlnewton at bardstowncable.net
Sun Jan 15 13:44:29 EST 2012

I like it best at the bottom, I think.

Mary Newton
basically a lurker... :-)
> On Jan 14, 2012, at 8:53 AM, Scot Kamins wrote:
>>The challenge, of course, is that while every TITLE has a BookNotes
>> window, not every DJ does. So how would I designate in a BookNotes
window what illustrator goes with which DJ?
> Nothing came in on this one at all. But I decided that (1) the name of
> the designer (where known) does belong on a main page associated >with
the DJ in question, but NOT in the BookNotes. Rather, it belongs >with
the image itself. The only question is where -- above it, next to or
> below the image date, or below it.
> You can see an example of "below it" with the 1958 image of The
> Hunchback:

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