[ModLib] DJ Illustrators -- To BookNote Or Not To Booknote?

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Dear Scot,

I welcome both ideas and applaud your ambition in undertaking the tasks.  Being a digital neophyte, however, precludes my offering any suggestions on procedure.  Best wishes on the effort.

Bill Hornick

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There is a REALLY REALLY  ancient section of ModernLib called "Modern Library Dust Jackets  and their Designers/Illustrators" at http://www.modernlib.com/Identifiers/artists/djDesigners.html . It is in need of a major design upgrade-- it is REALLY ugly. I'm trying to decide if it's worth the effort.  Does anybody ever use that section?  Is it worth redesigning?

Following on an idea from regular ML contributor Kathleen Steigler from klsbooks.net, I'm also considering adding a section to a title's BookNotes page listing the DJ illustrator(s).  The challenge, of course, is that while every TITLE has a BookNotes window, not every DJ does. So how would I designate in a BookNotes window what illustrator goes with which DJ?

Discussion, ideas, & suggestions are welcome!!!

Scot Kamins
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