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Stan Shelley stan at shelleysjewelry.com
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Thanks Ann
We have 8 up right now.you can use the link below and from that one item you
can click on the thing that says "see other listings"
Next week I will send you another link when we have 300+ books up
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Thanks Stan I would love to review the list and get back to you AK

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We recently purchased several hundred ML books.  We are offering 8 on Ebay
this week to sort of get the word out.  Then next week we will offer over
300 books.  Some in lots.  Most individually.  All will start at $4.99.
You can go to one and then click on "see other listings"
Here is a link to one current listing
STRK:MESE:IT> &item=380399260030&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT

I am not great with links so if that does not work, copy and paste this
listing number into Ebay:  380399260030

If you would like a reminder next week you can click on "save this seller"

This list does not normally allow much in the way of commercial
notifications, but I got very kind permission to send this.

Thank you

Stan Shelley
Shelley and Son Books
www.shelleyandsonbooks.com <http://www.shelleyandsonbooks.com/> 

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