[ModLib] Boxes for Walden & Wuthering Heights?

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The four Illustrated ML's published in 1946 -- Don Quixote, Famous Ghost Stories, Wuthering Heights, and Walden -- had clear acetate jackets, not slipcases.  The last titles to appear in slipcases were the two Shakespearre volumes in 1944.  Previous Illustrated ML titles that were reprinted in 1946 also had clear acetate jackets.  Lettering on the acetate jackets was silkscreened.  Later acetate jackets had pasted-on paper labels to reduce costs. 


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A ModLibber suggests that two images for illustrated editions are missing – boxes for  Walden and Wuthering Heights . Did these come in boxes? If so, can someone send me this images for posting at the website? 

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