[ModLib] Kafka The Trial variation?

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well i'll go ahead and say it -- this thread is well, more Kafkaesque 
than usual.

On 8/25/2012 6:46 PM, John Peterson wrote:




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> Barry,
> My binding 14 copy of the trial seems identical to yours, including 
> the yellow-green endpapers.  The price on the jacket is 2.45.
> John Peterson.
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> Modern Library printings of The Trial exist with four different title 
> pages, each with a different torchbearer.
> (1) The first printing title page (spring 1961) is set in roman and 
> italic type and has the classic torchbearer facing left with the flare 
> of the torch trailing over its head.
> (2) The second title page is completely reset with a rule below the 
> title and the author statement and "The Modern Library" in script 
> type. The right-facing torchbearer is holding the torch in front of 
> him; the flare extends upward from the torch rather than trailing 
> behind it. The earliest copy I've seen has a spring 1965 Giants list 
> at the end of the volume. I've seen copies with fall 1964 jackets with 
> a $2.45 list price, but my guess is that the printed list at the end 
> is the best way of dating this. Both 1 and 2 were printed from Knopf 
> letterpress plates.
> (3) The third and fourth title pages have George Salter's courtroom 
> drawing from the 1957 Knopf edition. The third title page has a 
> torchbearer facing right with both arms extended; the arm holding the 
> torch is extended to the front and the other to the rear. Printings 
> with the third and fourth title pages were printed by offset 
> lithography with the text photographically reduced from the Knopf 
> edition (and the first two ML's), and the half title is in open-face 
> type. In these printings the 2-page list of Giants is replaced by a 
> 1-page biographical note about Kafka, with the verso blank. Copies 
> that I've seen with the third title page have the Kent endpapers in 
> tan. I date this as 1967.
> (4) The fourth title page is identical to the third except for the 
> subtitution of the Fujita torchbearer. The book is in the taller 
> format (7-1/2 in. instead of the 7-1/4 inch format of 1-3). It has 
> Fujita endpapers in yellow-green, a black binding, and a red jacket. 
> My copy is price clipped. I date this as 1969/70.
> Barry
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> Subject: [ModLib] Kafka The Trial variation?
> Happy Saturday, Folks.
> John Wolansky points out that later printings of Kafka's The Trial 
> have a one-page biography at the end of the book plus a drawing of a 
> courtroom scene on the title page. I also note that my binding 14 copy 
> with the red jacket has "Copyright renewed 1964" added to the 
> copyright page. I have no other copies besides my First Edition and my 
> post-1969 copies.
> Please check your dates: When did the bio and the drawing first appear 
> --  was it 1965, as I suspect?
> Scot Kamins
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