[ModLib] Kafka The Trial variation?

Roger Lathbury lathbury at gmu.edu
Sat Aug 25 16:15:42 EDT 2012

My copy (New York: Alfred A. Knopf) of the _The Trial_ is dated 1963. It has the courtroom drawing on the title page. The printing history states that the book was published 18 October 1937, reprinted eleven times, then "Revised, resent, printed from new plates, and reissued October 14, 1957." My copy is the fourth printing.

There is no one-page biography.

Random House acquired Knopf in 1960, so one might expect some cross-use of plates about that time or soon after.

I do not have the previous Knopf edition of _The Trial_ or any printing of _The Trial_ except the one I mentioned, but I suspect the drawing is from 1957. 

My copy of _The Castle,_ from Knopf, is dated 1954 and has an irregularly spiraled, sketchy circle design that I believe original to that edition. It is the first printing of March 1954. I do not know whether the Modern Library edition of _The Castle_ has that same design. I do know that these circles were the product of American designers, since I have a 1926 _Das Schloss,_ first edition, and it does not have that figure.

Much or all of this may be irrelevant for your purposes, I guess.


Roger L.

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Date: Saturday, August 25, 2012 2:24 pm
Subject: [ModLib] Kafka The Trial variation?

> Happy Saturday, Folks.
> John Wolansky points out that later printings of Kafka's The Trial 
> have a one-page biography at the end of the book plus a drawing of 
> a courtroom scene on the title page. I also note that my binding 
> 14 copy with the red jacket has "Copyright renewed 1964" added to 
> the copyright page. I have no other copies besides my First 
> Edition and my post-1969 copies.
> Please check your dates: When did the bio and the drawing first 
> appear -- was it 1965, as I suspect?
> Scot Kamins
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