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oI suspect my copy is as yours:246 Outstanding Titles, but to clarify: A type 7 book with Kent endpapers, and a 7f jacket.  Interestingly enough, the back cover has 246 great titles, while the book example in toledano lists 242 and in looking at other books, the advertisement indicates the number from inside.  (gtrivia)The book is blue 

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I'm trying to figure out how many ML printings of Imperial Hearst exist -- there 
were either two or three. This title was photographically reduced from the 
original edition and printed by offset lithography. Like other offset titles 
printed at this period, the statement "First Modern Library Edition 1937" 
appears on all printings, so the only way to distinguish one printing from 
another is by the number inside the jacket.  My copy of what I assume to be the 
first printing jacket has "246 OUTSTANDING TITLES" at the head of the list of ML 
titles inside the dj. There was a small final printing of 2,000 copies in fall 
1939; these jackets should have the heading "265 OUTSTANDING TITLES" inside the 
jacket. I suspect there were only two printings, but if anyone has a jacket with 
a different number inside the dj, please let me know.

I believe the fall 1939 printing was in the balloon cloth format -- the new 
larger format with the Blumenthal binding (binding 8) was introduced for new 
titles in fall 1939 -- but I don't think the ML would have created a new binding 
and a larger version of the jacket for a title that was clearly on its last legs 
in the series.

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